Music for a cappella choir, and choir with cello, by Bach, Brahms, Kodaly, Richard Rodney Bennett, Gjeilo and John Tavener, as well as movements from Bach's cello suites.


PLEASE TELL US IN GOOD TIME IF WE CAN MAKE ANY REASONABLE ADJUSMENTS TO IMPROVE YOUR CONCERT EXPERIENCE, IN TERMS OF ACCESS. There are a very few disabled parking spaces available on-site, and these need to be booked with us in advance, so be sure to tell us if this affects you. The best way to arrange this is by phoning Peter: 01844 212900

How to get to the SJE Centre, Iffley Road, Oxford by public transport:

From Thame, the 280 (Arriva) bus service takes you all the way to St. Clements, where you would get

off the bus a few yards away from The Plain roundabout. This takes approximately 40 minutes, depending on the traffic.

Walk to the roundabout, turn left and cross over the Cowley Road (watch out for speeding bikes!).

The next road you come to is the Iffley Road. Turn left and walk for approximately 5 minutes. The SJE Centre is on the left, set back from the road.

If you prefer to not walk for 7-10 minutes, we suggest you stay on the bus from St Clements to the other side of Magdalene Bridge, where you can get off at the next stop, cross to the other side of the

road and wait for a bus leaving Oxford centre (Number 3, 3A, 3B or N3) to Rose Hill/Sandford. The buses stop exactly at the pedestrian entrance to SJE, with the return stop being approximately 200 yards further on.

The second option would also be useful if you’re planning to spend some time in Oxford beforehand.


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